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Electronic Dog Fence

An electronic dog fence is one of the best ways to keep your dog in your yard without using conventional fences.  Many people are using an electronic dog fence to contain their dogs because they are comparatively inexpensive and easy to set up.

Once it's set up and after a few training sessions your dog will have space to safely romp and play, very important for his physical and mental health.

There are electronic dog fence systems for all size breeds with different correction levels that adapt automatically. They are waterproof and designed to work in all kinds of weather. Many have protection against lightning and are self diagnostic, letting you know that the system is indeed working correctly. There are even wireless systems.  A close examination of the features of each system will help you decide on the pros & cons for your individual situation.

In some areas city zoning laws and association rules in many developments prevent the installation of any type of above ground fence. If you do not have any dog parks or open woods nearby an electronic underground dog containment fence may be your best option.

A very large area can be enclosed very economically using these systems, from a small yard up to 25 acres or more giving your dog plenty of room to exercise. They safely contain your dog preventing escape through digging under or jumping over the boundary.

By using an electronic dog fence along with supporting dog obedience training, reinforcing the cause/effect lesson of the system, you dog will receive the exercise and freedom he needs and deserves.

Here are a Large Number of  Systems to Choose From:

Electronic Dog Fences

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