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Dog Bedding Choices For Your Dog's Comfort

When it comes to pampering your pooch and helping him to get a good night's rest, there are a variety of dog bedding styles to choose from. The question is how do you select the right dog bed for your dog to curl up on? There are many things to consider including the size of your dog, the age, and health of your dog and your dog's sleeping habits.

Orthopedic dog beds offer great support. This mattress style dog bed is often best for older dogs or dogs with medical issues. You can often tell your dog is a good match for an orthopedic bed if you notice that he heads to lie down the minute he gets home from a walk, or after an active play period outdoors. Side sleeping dogs or dogs who sleep on their tummies with their legs tucked in or straight out behind them will enjoy the support and padding that an orthopedic dog bed provides. These dog beds cushion a dog's joints comforting the dog, allowing him to rest better.

Lounging style beds are great for dogs that you often find sprawled out on their backs with legs in the air. These dogs seem to enjoy lazing about and having a nice comfy surface to relax upon. You may occasionally come home to find this dog lying on your bed. These beds are usually round or square shaped and allow for plenty of room to stretch out upon.

Bolster dog beds are for dogs that tend to want to nestle up in your couch pillows, resting their head upon the sofa arm. These dogs prefer the security of a pillowy nest. Bolster beds are tall with high walls that provide supportive areas to rest the head. These beds are super soft and cushy and very comfortable.

Once you have determined the style of bed based your dog's habits, needs, or personality you can select the size of the bed by matching it to the size of your dog. A large dog requires a large dog bed, a small dog, a small dog bed and by measuring your dog when he is lying down and adding 9" to 12" you will determine the size he needs. It's that simple. Think about where your dog sleeps. There are indoor dog beds and outdoor dog beds available. Many dog beds, particularly outdoor beds feature waterproof fabric to protect the bed from the elements.

Once you arm yourself with this information, you are ready to purchase a bed for your dog. Remember a dog is man's (and woman's) best friend.

Take care to buy a good quality pet bed for your dog, as it is a wise investment that will pay off in health dividends for your special friend.