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Clicker training is a positive-reinforcement system of training based on what is known about how dogs and all creatures learn. Basically this means your dog or puppy is more likely to learn and repeat actions that result in a reward.

Clicker Training

The main difference with clicker training is that the techniques used make your dog aware of the behaviors as they learned them, rather than acquiring them without awareness. Basically your dog is told with a distinct and unique sound, a click, exactly which behavior earned it a reward. This information is communicated to the dog at the same time as the desired behavior. The reward follows.

A click is more powerful for training than a spoken word because it is not a sound heard by the dog at any other time. There is no confusion, It means only one thing... a reward is coming because of what he did when he heard the click. Clicker training allows unwanted behaviors to disappear because there is no click to reinforce it. If a behavior is not rewarding to the dog or puppy, eventually it will disappear. Once a behavior is learned, there is usually no need to click, as the animal understands the behavior.

With clicker training your dog can be taught amazing tricks and will obey commands on demand.

Do you have a dog that barks and whines all the time?

Is you dog keeping you and your neighborhood awake at night?

Is your dog digging holes in your yard?

Virtually all dog behavior problems, for example aggression can be modified or eliminated.


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