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End Your Disobedient Dog Stress Problems

Dog obedience training is key to having a good relationship with your dog. As a dog owner it can be embarrassing and stressful when your dog is disobedient and unruly. The opposite of that is, of course, how proud you feel when dog obedience training works, your dog listens to, understands, and obeys your commands with eager determination to please you. It is very satisfying that he has become a loyal, talented, trusting, and trusted member of the family.

As pack animals, dogs thrive when there is clearly defined leadership and they know what is expected of them. It is your job to establish yourself as the pack leader and make him understand what is expected. Otherwise the proper system of hiearchy in the family breaks down and your dog thinks he's in charge. Without tried and tested dog obedience training, dog behavior problems will develop.

Dog Obedience Training - Sit and Stay Command

Dog Obedience training is vital to the safety of the dog, his handler, and those around him. Basic dog training techniques should cover commands such as okay, no, come, sit, sit and stay, down, heel, stand, fetch, catch food, shake hands, etc. Once these are well established you may want to advance to tricks training commands such as crawl, roll over, jump, climb ladders, etc.

If you're thinking to yourself, "climb ladders? I just want to stop my dog from eating his own, and other dog's poop!" (technical term coprophagia, which can be stopped), just understand that even though it can be helpful at times, successful dog obedience training does not require obedience school or a career in dog training. There are amazing resources available online and elsewhere which provide excellent dog obedience training techniques to help you fix any dog behavior problem.

Are you dealing with an overly aggressive dog?

Is non-stop barking or howling keeping you up at night and annoying the neighbors?

Are you sick of excessive biting and nipping?

Is your dog chewing up the contents of your house?

Is your dog digging up and destroying your yard?

Do you have a dog with a flatulence problem?

Does your dog embarrass you in public by jumping up on strangers and on furniture?

Is your dog's whining driving you crazy?

Are you having trouble house training your dog?

Are you sick of having your dog race out the front door?

Are you having trouble with your dog pulling on the leash?

Is separation anxiety getting you both down?

Stop Dog Behavior Problems and Slash Your Dog Obedience Training Time In Half by Using Professional Techniques That Give You Immediate Results! You can even learn dog whispering, a new, amazing, and humane training technique.

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